The West Kildonan Branch was built through the dedication and efforts of our Veterans and Volunteers! Their dedication and efforts throughout the years past, present and future, is valued, recognized and truly appreciated by the membership!

The Branch and its success is dependent on Volunteers! In this regard our Branch continues with our commitment in support of Veterans, our Community and Youth! Each year our Branch provides thousands of dollars in donations to Charitable Organizations, Health Facility’s, Youth Education and Youth Activities such as the volunteerCadets, Boy Scouts, Scholarships to graduating students in our community Collegiates, – West Kildonan Collegiate and Garden City Collegiate, youth summer camps, the International Peace Gardens music and sports camps!

We, as Volunteers ourselves, do understand and realize members are unable to commit their time to volunteering as they have family and work commitments, younger families may have children who are in school and are active in various educational or recreational activities!

We do however require volunteers and welcome your interest and your precious time!
Volunteering is an opportunity to meet fellow members and is enjoyable and rewarding! It is not work, you commit to the time you have available and choose your activity that most interests you!

We are very active with many activities throughout the year that require volunteers!

If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, or would appreciate further volunteer information on activities or events you may be interested in volunteering for, please feel welcome to approach any of our Executive Members in the Branch or contact our Branch Manager during office hours!